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John McCalmont



John gets asked all the time “How did you get into this business”  Well the answer is this business chose John!  John put himself through college on a full music scholarship playing the sax, one day a guy said “you have a great voice, and know all about jazz, why not work at the college radio station?” Well that sounded like fun and took John on a new career path. Along the way in John’s radio career he met his first agent, Nancy Johnson at the Campbell Agency. John had heard you could make good money doing voice overs and he enjoyed that much more than listening to the same 30 songs hour after hour as a DJ. Nancy told him he was a pretty decent looking guy and should try on camera as well. John thought “Hey, that sounds even more fun!” and the rest is history! 


John has been featured as the national spokesperson for Nissan, the host of SLICED on the History Channel and Bass Champs on The World Fishing Network and FOX Sports and Built in America on MSNBC. He has also hosted such national TV shows as "Designing Spaces," "Real House," “Military Makeover” “Tournament Report” and "Angler Stories," Theatrical credits include co-star appearances recently in “DALLAS” on TNT, "Lone Star," multiple "Walker Texas Ranger" episodes, "Prison Break," and "The Evening Star" among others. He also works on a daily basis from his personal ISDN studio voicing national campaigns, television promos and radio imaging.




John McCalmont Host Reel


On the other side of the camera John has produced, directed or edited over 500 films, television shows and commercials, including the first 2 seasons of "Cheaters" (now in syndication), Sundance short film "Delusions in Modern Primitivism" and the "Skeeter Bass Champs" television show - the first high-definition competition fishing show ever shot and aired in HD.  John is currently the EP and creator of the remarkably successful car makeover TV Series on Motor Trend called "TEXAS METAL".


John considers his on-camera and voice work his passion. He believes that all of his experiences behind the camera as a producer/director and editor have given him a unique perspective as a performer. He understands what is expected from all sides of a production and actively participates in bringing about a successful outcome. But most of all, he likes to have fun!

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